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episode 6 abdul wahid khan

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Abdul Wahid Khan was standing by his cab in the shade of a lane in Tardeo. It was that mid-afternoon lull when there seems to be more space between and a tiny bit of quiet as if the city is taking a breath before spiralling toward the evening cacophony. Adbul Wahid Khan is full of stories. He spun one after another. I kept two stories in the podcast and the rest are in the outtakes. One of the podcast stories especially delighted me because, long ago and 12,000 miles away from Bombay in another large and far-flung city, I experienced the same thing when I drove taxi. Abdul Wahid Khan doesn’t like the changes he sees in this city that he has lived in for 30 years. He tells of his son who is in 12th and we hear the pride and tension of board exams. Click on the player icon below to hear the podcast, or the two link choices below it and listen to the outtakes on the player icons that follow his photo below.

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abul wahid khan “humaaraa dil bahut saadiq dil”

Cheating Stories Outtakes

This outtake is a long story about a cheater that tried to present himself as a ‘do number’ guy but got himself ek numbered. (5 min 2 sec)

This outtake is a story about some man who tried not to pay, but paid the price personally when he was caught and beaten. But as it often is in Bombay, it was too much trouble to take him to the chowki. (1 min 29 sec)

bank_name.jpgthe bank that held the loan on purchase

More Outtakes (not about cheaters)

Abdul Wahid Khan spoke with great feeling about Khuda and life. (3 min 12 sec)


Abdul Wahid Khan’s unhappiness is not so much with they physical changes in Bombay. He finds that much has changed in the hearts of people. I have combined two separate parts of the conversation into a whole. (3 min 55 sec)

Abdul Wahid Khan misses UP as does his wife. He wants to go back there one day and farm. He says the pani there is the best in India. But will it happen? A 1/4 part of 6 bigha? And if his future grandchildren are here in Bombay? Migration can split one into two parts. There is home and then there is that other home. (1 min 55 sec)license-plate.jpg

Not all passengers are bad or cheaters. Here is a story of a good passenger. (2 min 28 sec)

Rawat has been transcribing the previous podcasts. I have added the transcript for Guptaji on the hindi transcription page. Soon, due to his kind efforts and excellent skills, there will be downloads for all released podcasts. I am very thankful to him still and always. If you would like to write him, you can leave a comment or send him an email at vsrawat (at) gmail (dot) com.

The intro music in the podcast is the song Boombai Nagari from the movie Taxi 9211, sung by Bappa Lahiri, Merriene, Nisha and Vishal Dadlani.Music by Vishal Dadlani and Shekar, lyrics by Vishal Dadlani and Dev Kohli.