For each driver I put their photos on a timeline with the audio and cut a movie dvd. I give this, along with an audio CD of the entire original conversation and the podcast, and hard copies of the photos. Its their words and their stories and since not one of them is yet on internet, they will have what they said and know how I used it. So I went to meet Nabob Bhai at Mahalakshmi Station to give him his story. He had brought along his bhatija, his brother’s son, Jamid Ali, who himself is a 22 year old taxi driver for the last two years. Jamid Ali took out a piece of paper, torn from those small spiral-bound notepads that fit in the chest pocket. On it was a ghazal he had written. He has always written ghazal, and had dreams to make this his life’s work. But then his mother died and he had to stop dreaming and be practical about his rozi roti. He came to Bombay and joined his father and uncle. He keeps his pen and paper with him always, so when the words come, he is ready, even at these long Bombay traffic signals. I recorded him there, on the Saat Rasta side outside Mahalakshmi Station. Remember the words “but then his mother died” when you listen. (2 min 24 sec)
click here to listen —-> jamid alis ghazal

unfortunately my camera is being fixed. so no photo of Jamid Ali. Instead here is a meter.

meter rs4.50 fare

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