Have some wonderful news. Meter Down won for best IndiPodcast blog in the Indibloggies awards. Huge thank-you to all who voted.  The award is for all the kaali-peeli bombay taxi drivers and their stories of their lives and our city. Unki mehrbani se Meter Down ka jeet. All the winners in all the categories posted here.

Heros Gallery

Talking about kaali-peeli, in the last episode, Mohammad Khan, I link to a DNA article about painting the taxis yellow as some kind of upliftment to our city. In todays HT is an article about the same thing. It is supposed to be all completed in phases by June 2010. The article states that they want to give the taxis a distinctive look. Right now they are only iconic – one of the icons of this city. Say kaali-peeli and everyone knows you mean the taxis. Kaali-peeli entered the vernacular of this city decades ago. Read it and weep.

peeli not kaali peeeli HT 29 dec

Am working on the edit for the next episode. Idris. 25th episode. Watch this space.


4 Responses to “update”

  1. Congrats Cubby, Great news!!! I hope one day your blog gets featured on mainstream news and shows all India the lives of some of these great guys! loads of respect for some of them.. they have brilliant hearts!

  2. Congrats on receiving the award! It’s a shame that the taxis will be painted yellow – they are already very distinctive. The taxis in Kolkata are yellow, they should not be yellow in Bombay!

  3. Came to say, I like the faces of all the taxi’s you took over time. Now who would have ever thought of such a brilliant blog?

    Congrats Cubbykavi! I tend to agree with Anish – why must all taxis in Mumbai be yellow when they are so in Kolkata. Moreover, all taxis in Kolkata are Ambassadors, in Mumbai they are Fiat and some Maruti too.

  4. Congrats Cubby, your blog was featured in Hindu Newspaper from there I landed up here.

    Your blog is really nice. you can see and feel the things which we are not. It may be attributed to your being a foreigner. We get either too emotional or we just don’t care about it (which is really bad).

    I too some times spoken to the folks who are migrant labour in this metropolis they too go through a similar sort of antardwand (delimma) of choosing between the places left behind or to take the city.

    I look forward to seeing more of your talks.

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